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Forbidden Towers of Pakistan
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The Forbidden Towers

Many climbers dream of discovering a hidden alpine valley full of unclimbed towers and spires, with virgin granite cracks soaring thousands of feet into the cloudless skies of a far away land.

In 2000, Dave Anderson, Steph Davis, Jimmy Chin and Brady Robinson flew to Pakistan in hopes of turning their dreams into reality. They had been granted a permit to enter the remote Kondus Valley. Located in the war torn region of Pakistan near the India border, the Kondus Valley had been closed to Westerners for the last twenty years. Without any pictures or information about the area, they could only speculate on what they might find to climb. With great in trepidation, the expedition started up the Karakoram Highway towards the mountains. The culmination of the trip was the ascent of Tahir Tower, an unclimbed 3,500 foot granite spire. But the real adventure went far beyond the difficulties of the climb.

 Join Dave Anderson for a FREE multi-media slide show and find out about Little Karim, the General, the Special Forces Troops, the 150 year-old man and of course the spectacular climbing.


Donations will be accepted for the relief efforts to aid the millions of Pakistani people whose lives are still devastated by the earthquake of last year.

The Kondus Valley

Dave Anderson emailing

Brady Robinson above the Indus River

Pakistani Village

Dave Anderson on Tahir Tower

150 Year Old Man ?

Jimmy Chin picking up supplies

Summit Dance